The concert of the percussion ensemble "Harakat-e No" was performed

Ghazaleh Pirouznia

The concert of the percussion ensemble "Harakat-e No" was performed

The concert of the New Movement percussion group ended last evening,


after two stage performances in the Thought Hall of the Arts Center. According to the correspondent of the music department of the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA), two New Movement groups led by Alireza Piroznia performed pieces based on the tonbak and daf percussion ensembles.


Ghazaleh Pirouznia Concert

Alireza Piruznia (Tonbak and Daf), Payam Ghadiri (Daf, Tonbak, Pendarik), Ghazaleh Pirozunia (Tonbak), Afshin Babaei (Tonbak), Babak Ajdari (Daf and Tonbak), Nima Mesbah (Dahl, Cymbal, percussion), Zohreh Shayan (tonbak, daf), Derna Golshani (tonbak, daf, consonant) Ali Janikhan (consonant, percussion), Azadeh Barzegar (tonbak), Nasrin Iskanderpour (consonant), Behnam Ghasemokhani (Santour), (Daf, consonant) and Ehsan Tarakh (Santour bass, dice). In the first part of "In Mourning" by Alireza Piroznia, based on Ahmad Shamloo's poem, "Movement" Compiled by Alireza Piroznia and arranged by Harakat-e-Naw, "Tasnif Ki Shaar Tarangizd" composed by the late Nasser Farhangofar شد. The beginning of the second part of the program was accompanied by a series of slide shows that introduced musicians and band members. The composition "Dideh Sir" composed by Ali Badakhshan and the percussion arrangement of Harakat-e No group, ‌ "Shakhsar Ratim", "Halagheh", "Raad" and "Arsh" composed and arranged by Alireza Piroznia were other pieces that were performed in this program. According to this report, along with the group leader (Alireza Piruznia), Ehsan Tarakh (group manager), Payam Ghadiri (Tonbak group master), Navid Ghafouri (daf group master) and Shiva Golshani (choir master) performed the program.


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