The Only Dating Advice You'll Ever Need

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The Only Dating Advice You'll Ever Need

The Only Dating Advice You'll Ever Need

With so many rules and different opinions about how you need to behave, it seems that all your freedom is gone. Well, this goes both ways. Just as is said about snowflakes, no two human beings are the same. The famous DSFDF (different strokes for different folks) applies here, what one might enjoy or even like might be detestable for another. As with most things, there are no clear rules when it comes to human beings. Our best and only advice? Pay attention to the clues. Find the weak spots and knock your opponent cold (but don’t do that, it’s a joke).

Smart Is the New Sexy

In case you were wondering why that is, it’s because your date would probably enjoy it if you deduced what she would like instead of her constantly telling you. As an example, you might have heard that it’s best to take things slowly. What if I told you it might be the worst thing you can do. If she like living a fast-paced life and feels like life is too short to “play coy” taking it slowly might be interpreted as not being that interested or interesting. Either way, not a good thing. Listen to her, deduce what her personality type is, ask her to tell you about herself so you’d be prepared as to how to act.

Everyone Likes to Feel Special

Would you date someone who treated you like you were old news? Learn about her and what makes her different from others. Remember the minute details and try to smoothly bring them up later in the conversation to show her that you were listening and that she is interesting for you. See what she’s into and try to fit it in your date if possible.

Be Spontaneous

While it is a good idea to have a planned out date (as it shows how much you care) you shouldn’t be afraid to go with the flow. As part of your endeavor to show interest, you can encourage her to try losing herself in the moment and enjoy the day. If either of you feels like doing something or going somewhere special, doing it might leave a better memory than just talking about it. After all, remember that you are interacting with a human being, not a programmed machine, so there are no pre-set rules that would induce a certain outcome.

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