How-To Flirt With your crush (Flirting Advice & Tips)

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How-To Flirt With your crush (Flirting Advice & Tips)

As with everything, to be able to flirt with your crush successfully you need to believe in yourself. Having sweaty palms, heart-beat rising, freezing in your place, having trouble thinking or breathing might help you get noticed by your crush but not always in a good way. It certainly won’t help with building up the courage to speak to them, let alone flirting. So, first things first, get yourself some positive attitude. Remember that you can’t lose what you don’t have so why not try at flirting with your crush instead of hiding. Don’t be afraid to seem vulnerable, it’s something we all are, and a word to the wise, if you’re smart you can use that to your advantage.

Here are 9 basic rules of thumb to go by:

Practice in the mirror or with a buddy

If you are really shy, you would feel more comfortable when you practice how you want to approach that person first. Even if you aren’t shy this would lessen the chances of you getting caught off-guard by that “damned smile”. Hearing yourself say it in reality, instead of in your head all day long, would make it feel more real. You can also see how you might sound to someone who doesn’t know you that well and adjust that in a way that you think would impress your crush. Trying to be funny when introducing yourself is in itself a type of being flirty, and if successful it gives you a chance to compliment their smile. That doesn’t mean you can take forever practicing, seize the day.


When approaching remember to smile NATURALLY, smiles are the best accessories to one’s face. It’ll lower other people’s guards (unless in a grim scenario) and give you a brighter appearance. Smiling is something contagious like yawning remember to use this tip. It would also help make you look more confident.

Be chill

Obviously, it would seem impossible to be chill around someone you have a crush on, but it is possible to act the part. This doesn’t mean that you should act disinterested. Don’t send mixed messages. What is meant by being chill is don’t use cheesy pick-up lines, try not to appear desperate, approach them while giving them space at the same time. You don’t want to seem intimidating.

Read your crush’s body language

Being able to read someone’s body language would help you a lot. You can adjust where the conversation is going just by checking on the signs. If your crush has open arms when talking to you and their feet are facing your direction that means they are enjoying the conversation. If that person is mimicking what you do subconsciously, that means they are into you. If you feel like they want to leave or are late for something, offer to walk them to that place.

Prepare a list of things that would get them talking

Google can help you with this one, as well as your prior knowledge of the person. Find common grounds. Make them tell you about themselves, and listen to them. Mention things you have heard later to show that you have been paying attention. Show them that they are interesting.

Compliment them

Try to be more personal when complimenting. Compliment things that other people or even they themselves have not noticed about themselves. It’s quite common to compliment someone on how they look when they laugh, and although it is still nice, it has become a bit of a cliché. Notice little things about them to show that you are paying attention to them.

Make them laugh

You don’t necessarily have to tell a joke to make someone laugh. I mean imagine walking up to your crush and saying: “So, two guys walk into a bar”. Depending on her sense of humor it’s best to make her laugh using your surroundings and the situation you’re in. Some like it light, some are into dark humor, so test the waters before jumping in.

Be wary of the friend-zone

Make sure that you have made your intention of being with that person clear (in a smooth way). Try not to let them talk about their exes or mention other guys. Be a shoulder to cry on but not when it comes to other men.

Be a bit adventurous

Try to show that person that they are special to you. Act foolish if necessary. You can get some people to like you by making them want to understand why you do what you do. You can propose challenges or wagers (not too serious though). For example set a challenge in which the loser would have to buy the other person dinner, try to lose so you could set a romantic unofficial date.

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