Top 10 Cigars under 20$

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Top 10 Cigars under 20$

Top 10 Cigars under 20$

Since there is much to be said about these top 10 cigars, here you can find the list without further ado:

1. Davidoff White Label Short Perfecto 17.70$

davidoff short perfecto

Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Wrapper: sun-grown Connecticut Ecuador wrapper
In the pre-light stage, this cigar has a leathery scent to it. While smoking the first part of it one can detect an earthy tone accompanied by wood and pepper with a sweet aftertaste. The spicey tones that are brought forth when smoking are not off-putting which makes this cigar a great pairing with coffee. The burn is perfect giving out a heavy creamy smoke. The leathery note of this cigar also has a peanut like sense to it. When smoking the second half you would notice a consistency in the aromas and the tones of the cigar, however, this consistency does not mean that there is a dull repetitive tone throughout the different tones present themselves in different puffs till the end of it. Near the middle of the cigar its flavors take a turn towards being slightly more bitter and salty but as it moves on forward you gent the more complex tones of liqueurish nature

2. Partagás Serie D No. 6 11.50$

partagas serie D No.6

Binder, Filler, and Wrapper: Cuban
The most important thing one can say about this cigar is that it has a traditional full-body flavor to it that includes the signature tones that define a Partagás. Upon lighting the cigar, you would notice that it has a rather easy draw and that it produces a lot of smoke. You can sense an earthy and leathery aroma accompanied by hints of coffee, dark chocolate, vanilla, and wood, but that does not mean that the simple and enjoyable tobacco flavor is underrepresented. The peppery flavor is present from the start but dials down as it moves forward. This cigar would become better with aging and would be best paired with either beer or coffee.

3. Rocky Patel Hamlet 25th Year Salomon 11.99$

Hamlet 25th year salomon

Binder: Pennsylvanian broadleaf
Filler: Nicaraguan and Honduran
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
If you’re a fan of milder cigars this is one to try. With earth, leather, cedar, coffee, chocolate, dried wood, salt, pepper and to some extent raisin being present throughout but in various degrees, this cigar has been able to get a rating of above 90 in most of its reviews.

4. HVC First Selection Limited Edition Broadleaf Toro 11.50$


Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Wrapper: Connecticut broadleaf
In the pre-light stage, you would be welcomed with tones of barnyard, white rice and red pepper along with a hint of vanilla and chocolate. When lit, the most dominant scent is the red pepper spice that goes along with a touch of sweetness and wood. One can also detect cedar throughout the smoke but in various degrees of strength. In the second third, one can taste minerals which enhance the earthiness of the smoke. Another present spice that can be detected in this stage is cinnamon. In its last part, all that one sensed in the second part are present in a stronger manner but at different times the prominent note is that of coffee and earthiness. There is also a hint of coffee and white pepper. The only thing that was not absolutely perfect about this smoke was that it needed several touch-ups as the burn was a tad wavy.

5. Diamond Crown Black Diamond Radiant 17.19$

Diamond crown Black Diamond Radiant

Binder: Sun grown Connecticut Maduro
Filler: Dominican
Wrapper: Dominican
It starts with a strong dominant coffee flavor along with earthiness, gingerbread, pepper brown sugar, and cocoa. The gingerbread strengthens as it moves forward. Sweetness and spiciness can be detected at times during smoking the first third. The sweetness has a licorice nature to it, which makes the cigar even more complex. In the second third, the scent of dark chocolate is balanced well with the earthiness and a leathery note. The last part of the cigar is still the best part as it has all the notes from the previous part but also adds a note of dark plum and cedar to it. The dominant aroma is that of wood and coca, however. The burn is smooth and without much need for correction.

6. E.P. Carrillo Encore Majestic 11.50$

E.P. Carrillo Encore Majestic

Binder, Filler, Wrapper: Nicaraguan
What greets you first when smoking this great cigar is spice (white pepper). During the first few puffs pepper is the dominant note of this cigar, the smoke is full and creamy, and the burn stays consistently well throughout. After a short while, the strong spiciness draws back and the dominant flavors become that of chocolate, leather, cedar, and a bit of citrus flavor. During the second third, the cigar shifts towards a woodier flavor along with nuts and caramel and that makes the cigar even smoother than before.

7. Padrón Serie 1926 90th Anniversary, 19$

Padron serie 1926 90th anniversary

Binder, Filler, Wrapper: Nicaraguan

This medium strength cigar starts with sweet bread, chocolate, earthiness, and pepper scent, the tobacco has a natural sweetness. The burn and quality of the ash are faultless. As it progresses towards its second third black pepper becomes more dominant. The smoke also remains creamy throughout the process. In its final section, there isn’t much change with its flavor and its complexity. The only difference is that the black pepper scent has died down a bit and that has made it even smoother with a touch of earth, coffee, and black pepper.

8. Olivia Serie V Melanio Churchill 14$

Olivia Serie V melanio Churchill

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Wrapper: Ecuadorian

This Cigar welcomes you with a spicy flavor which is that of black pepper. There is also a natural sweetness of tobacco and the flavor of coffee in the background. As you move towards its second third you would detect hints of woody earth and coffee. The pepper flavor dies down a bit and the smoke produced has a creamy and buttery feel to it. The final part remains consistent, only difference is that the flavors are now stronger and you can begin to sense some licorice and anise.

9. Villiger San’Doro Colorado Churchill 9.56$

Villiger San’Doro Colorado Churchill

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Wrapper: Ecuadorian

One of the things that cannot go unnoticed about this cigar is its extremely easy draw. The smoke is rich and creamy and there is a natural tobacco flavor that is accompanied by pepper, wood, and some spice. In the 2nd and 3rd section there isn’t much change in its flavors other than that the woodiness would become a bit smoother. So, if you are a fan of more traditional cigars, smoking this is a must.

10. Romeo y Julieta Romeo No. 2 (Tubo) 17.50$

Romeo y Julieta Romeo No. 2 (Tubo)

Binder, Filler, Wrapper: Cuban

Even though Cuban cigars aren’t allowed to be sold in the USA you can still bring up to a hundred of them back into the country for personal use. So, if you are traveling outside the country, I suggest at least trying one of these cigars before going back home. Even though this cigar does not go far in the way of transitioning into different flavors it does give you a very satisfying experience. All through smoking this cigar you can sense hints of pepper, cedar, fruity notes, coffee, vanilla, and chocolate. In the second third, the dominance is with pepper and leather becomes stronger and in the final third there will no longer be a hint of chocolate. The smoke is rich and creamy, and the burn is constantly razor sharp.

Montecristo Platinum No. 3

Even though the list is over I feel that I need to mention another great cigar that is missing on this list, and that is Montecristo platinum No. 3.


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