How to Cut & Style Your Own Hair

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How to Cut & Style Your Own Hair

The most important thing about cutting your hair at home is that you can save money. Especially when you are on a budget, it can be of tremendous help.  With the right tools and a lot of patience, you should be able to give yourself a decent cut. There are several methods for cutting your hair; which method you choose will depend on whether you want your hair to be blunt or layered. Try having an organized approach, it will have a noticeable effect on the overall outcome.

There are two types of short men’s haircut– square and contour:

•    Square cuts involve a straight cut on the corners or the round of the head. In this style, the hair will usually have an even length. However, it has become more popular to give the upper part of the hair more length. This type of cut requires more maintenance.

•    Contour cut (also called a regulation cut) follows the head shape the hair is cut to the curvature of the head. The sides are cut very short or even trimmed using a Moser.

There are some tips that anyone who wants to cut his hair should know first:

•    Before anything, decide on the style of your haircut. Knowing what sort of haircut you want before getting started will keep you focused and lessens the likelihood of making mistakes. When you're deciding which haircut will look best on you, take the shape of your face into consideration. A good haircut will highlight your unique angles and bring out the best in your features. Although certain haircuts may be ideal for your face shape, it is important to also choose a style that makes you feel the most handsome and gives you confidence. play with your hair in the mirror to see what it will look like at different lengths; print out photos of yourself and sketch different hairstyles onto your face. There are several phone apps and websites that will let you try on different hairstyles over a photograph of yourself.

•    Secondly, another profoundly important thing is Determining the widest part of your face. If your forehead is the widest part of your face, then you likely have an oval face shape. You may have a round face shape if your cheeks are the widest part of your face. A wide jaw means that you have a square face shape. There’s still a chance, however, that you may have a heart-shaped face, so move on to checking your jaw. However, don't let your face shape get in the way of getting your desired cut. What ultimately matters the most is what haircut you would like to get. If you adore a pixie cut, even though your face is square, get a pixie cut. Hair can always grow out. Another thing you can do is to get a wig cut in the style you like so that you can wear it whenever you like.

•     Finally, avoid extremely short cuts. This type of cut may draw too much attention to the lower portion of the face, making it look larger. Shorter cuts, such as bobs, are okay. Typically, anything shorter than the ears, like the pixie cut, isn't the best choice for those with square facial features.

High contoured gentlemen's haircut bit by bit

1.    Isolate and control the hair into a horseshoe shape parting just above the ear.

2.    Establish your dominant parted side and set in on your beginning baseline using the clipper over comb method, starting from the hairline to just below the parietal, around the curve of the head then on your opposite side to connect your baseline evenly.

3.    After your baseline is established, attach your number one clipper guard and cut just underneath your baseline keeping the blade parallel to the head. Repeat this around the curve of the head then on your opposite side to blend evenly.

4.    Refine using the clipper over comb method to fade the space between your baselines and soften your blend. If using scissor over comb, keep comb moving slowly with quick shears.

5.    With no guard and your clipper blade set back (open), begin your taper up from the hairline to the occipital bone. Continue to taper until you have reached your desired length working with your clipper blade. Add gel or grooming spray and blow-dry as desired.

6.    Once the hair is dry and in finish design shape, refine and blend using clipper over comb.

7.    Shape and shave with your edge’s/trimmers. Thicker hair should have a wider part and vice versa for fine hair.

8.    Apply product and comb into the style desired.


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