9 important things about how to be stylish.

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9 important things about how to be stylish.

Why is it important to be stylish?

There is no doubt that no man is born stylish. It takes effort to reach perfection in the art of dressing well. Being effortlessly stylish is a habit for some men. Their fashion choices are guided by certain principles that over time become second nature. These habits are not difficult to learn. Any man who applies these principles will improve his style to an extent where he doesn't even have to think about it. Great style becomes a subconscious part of your daily routine. Here are 9 habits of a stylish man:

1. He is confident in what he wears

One does not simply wear a suit everyday! And of course, that gives reason to upgrade your wardrobe. If you are not comfortable in a suit or aren't confident about wearing one, it is going to show. Every stylish man knows what they look good in, as well as what is still convenient, and they would feel confident wearing them. Confidence is an issue that a stylish man should contemplate about, hence every stylish man is confident in what they wear, even if that includes a pair of sandals and a Hawaiian shirt. In short, confidence is sexy, and that adds something to your being stylish.

2. Makes sure it fits

Wearing what is fit is the number one principle in improving the way you dress and the way you look. Unless you are a supporter of baggy styles of dressing which you should keep in mind is a style but not very stylish (there is a difference, and even with baggy cloths what you wear must be loose in a fit way), wearing unfit clothing will have dramatic impacts on your style. It is the most important thing you need to think about if you wish to enhance your style. Every stylish man has every item of clothing that they own fitting them perfectly. They are watchful that everything that they purchase is altered to fit them specifically. Nothing is too tight, nothing is too loose, and everything fits perfectly to the nearest millimeter.

3. Less is more

This can relate to a few things. The first being that he does not overdo it in terms of what he is wearing. It is all about effortless elegance showing that you have not tried too hard, that you are not trying to make the impression you are trying to make. The other thing is that a stylish man invests in quality, instead of having a pile of t-shirts that have been bought randomly and are not going to be worn that often, stylish men put thought and time into what they buy. They might end up paying more for one article of clothing and for that reason have a less stacked-up wardrobe, but it is going to be something that fits better or has a better look to it. that is why they would look better wearing the simplest things (good tailoring is everything).

4. Isn’t afraid to spend money on quality

They do not shy away from investing in something that is of good quality. That does necessarily mean shopping from expensive brands, and also does not mean they are going to go to a famous brand and buy a tailored suit from it; it means that they know what items of clothing are of good quality and are going to be comfortable to wear. They know what is going to last longer and they are not afraid to invest in it.

5. Doesn’t brag

A stylish man does not brag about how good they look! It is all about inner confidence; they are not waiting for others’ approval or judgment. Another thing that is considered to be sexy is being mysterious and believe it or not, that adds to your style. It would make everybody want to approach them to know about what they do; however, he goes around with an air of boastfulness that would induce an unpleasant view of the person (psychologically speaking, when a person brags, it is subconsciously thought of as a challenge, therefore, people will try to find faults with that person).

6. Pays attention to details

pay attention to the finer details; those tiny details that the majority of men will not spend time on. For instance, be conscious of the way your clothes fit and how they show themselves. Pay attention to colors and their harmony, you should be inventive about what things can go together, but you must not forget harmony.

7. Breaks the rules sometimes

A stylish man knows the rules but he is not afraid to break them. Every stylish man knows the basic rules behind being stylish. They know what colors do not go together, they know what combination looks best, and so on. He is not afraid to add some individuality to what he wears. He is not afraid to experiment in terms of the colors that he wears and the fabrics he uses.

8. Knows his measurements

The reason they know their measurements is because it comes very handy when they want to consider whether the clothing will fit or not. If they are going to a tailor or plan to simply buy something (even online), they can look at the size guide and know exactly how it would be. This will help them buy the clothing that fits them best.

9. Isn’t obsessed with brands

Many men are obsessed about one, two or maybe three brands that they wear over and over again. Typically, they are higher-end brands that people recognize. However, a stylish man is not afraid to try new brands or new designers. You never know what jewels you may find. Check for the quality of an item of clothing rather than the brand. If it looks well and feels amazing who cares what the brand is, you have already reached your goal.


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