Top 5 sports to get fit and healthy

Man Holding a Tennis Racket

Top 5 sports to get fit and healthy

Based on studies and research done, there is a common consensus about the top sports that are profoundly advantageous for physical and mental health. There will probably be contradictory perspectives regarding how these sports should be prioritized. Nonetheless, it could be agreed that the following are the top five sports in this area:


Swimming can not only entail all you are looking for in a sport, but it can also be thought of as an awesome activity benefiting your heart and lowering your stress levels. It keeps you at a healthy body weight since it burns lots of calories, improves lung capacity, and builds muscular strength and endurance. On top of that, swimming is the perfect year-round sporting activity since it can be done at an indoor pool, outdoor pool, or beach.


One hour of playing tennis burns 600 calories, putting it on par with jogging and cycling as one of the best aerobic activities. All the little sprints, pivots, slams, and serves in tennis channel your strength and require you to exert energy in short but powerful bursts. Tennis improves arm potent, harmony, and cardiovascular health. Upper + lower body strength, speed, endurance, stamina, quickness, balance, agility, coordination, and concentration improvements are also some of the advantages of playing tennis.


Research shows that rowing has numerous health benefits including effective weight loss, a low risk of injury, and increased muscle strength. Rowing can be done using a rowing machine, or, after some rowing practice, out in the great outdoors. This high-calorie-burning activity will help melt the fat off your body while keeping the muscle size you currently have, giving you the ripped and tight appearance, you are after.


Without any doubt, cycling is one of the best sports to improve your overall physical and mental health and one of the activities which help lose body fat. The typical season for cycling is during May and June where several international events and races take place every year.


Running is called “the mother of all sports” and it knows no age. Those who run regularly are less likely to experience bone and muscle loss as they age in comparison with those who do not run regularly or at all. The physical demands of the sport make bones grow and become stronger.



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